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cornerstone12The latest edition of Cornerstone has now been published, with a fresh look and a new editing and production team of Helen West and Joao Tavares! This issue provides an update on some of the events of the last few months and looks forward to things planned for the autumn.

A lot has happened since our Easter 2017 edition, and you can read about Riverbank Trust's Charity Concert, our Men's Weekend Away, the Baptism and Confirmation Service in May, our recent Leadership Course and our summer picnic and barbecue. There's a lot of news about various people - our Interns Txalia Meyer and Abbie Robertson as they move on to new things, Mark and Millie Anderson beginning ministry in Oxted following Mark's Ordination, and Matt and Sam's six months of volunteering in India. There's also news of Kick London's expanding ministry and bringing Jesus to the Streets.

You can also find out about some of our autumn events  and read some inspiring words from Trevor, our Vicar.

You can find out more by reading here

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