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Thursday 23 November
7:30amPrayer Meeting @ Vicar's office
Thursday 23 November
7:30pmAlpha - Autumn @ Trinity Room
Friday 24 November
9:15amOasis - Women's Ministry @ Trinity Room
Friday 24 November
2:00pmPrayer for the Nations @ Christ Church Room
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Street Pastors Richmond 

streetpastorsStreet Pastors is an inter-denominational Church response to urban problems, engaging with people on the streets to care, listen and dialogue. It was pioneered in London in January 2003 by Rev Les Isaac, Director of the Ascension Trust, and has seen some remarkable results, including drops in crime in areas where teams have been working.

There are now over 180 teams across the UK. Each project is set up by Ascension Trust and run by a local coordinator with support from Ascension Trust and local churches and community groups, in partnership with the Police, local Council and other statutory agencies.

Teams have been working locally in Kingston since June 2006 and Hounslow since December 2009. A team was launched in Richmond in summer 2011, initially made up of 12 people from several local churches, four of whom are from our own church. There is also be a prayer team supporting those out on the streets. The training involved 12 full day sessions on Saturdays in March, May and July, covering a wide range of issues and subjects, including roles and responsibilities, knowing your community, personal safety, drugs awareness, child protection, mental health and listening skills.

streetpastors2Although teams are primarily concerned for young people, they also support older people who find themselves in need. The role is about caring for people through providing practical help at a time when they may be particularly vulnerable. It’s not a preaching role, although opportunities do arise to talk about being a Christian.

A typical evening involves being on duty from 9.30pm until 4am - out on the streets for two hours, having a break and debriefing session, and then spending a further two hours on the streets. Street Pastors work in teams of three or four, a mix of men and women. They carry out their role once a month, so initially their presence on our local streets will be limited, although it is hoped more people will train so the team can expand.

Please pray for this exciting new venture, and especially for those who are working as Pastors.