The Promise of blessing 

promiseofblessing"The Promise of Blessing" by Kate Patterson is now available at!  Ric Thorpe says, "I have found this book to be full of wisdom, insight and revelation. Read it and be blessed!" Jenn Rees Larcombe says, "A very valuable book I will want to keep by me for ever."  J John writes, “Sensible and sensitive, fresh and refreshing, thoughtful and thought-provoking; this is not just a book on blessing but of blessing.

Alpha Course - Autumn 2015

We launch our latest Alpha Course with a Supperalphalogoaug13
on Thursday 24 September
The Course runs on Thursday Evenings
from 1 October to 3 December
To find out more please e-mail us


Holy Trinity is an Anglican parish church in Richmond, Surrey, with strong links to the local community. We have an active and growing congregation that includes all ages, and we aim to offer Worship Services that are stimulating, lively and engaging for everyone. We value what the Bible says, and believe the teachings of Jesus are as relevant today as ever. This video will tell you about some of the ways we are reaching out with God's love.


Sunday 1000 and 1830
Wednesday 1130

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