What we Do 
Thursday 26 November
7:30pmAlpha Course @ Trinity Room
Friday 27 November
9:15amOasis @ Christ Church Room
Friday 27 November
2:00pmPrayer for the nation and the... @ Christ Church Room
Friday 27 November
8:00pmCollide unplugged @ Main Church
A good God and suffering
How does a good God allow this? Why did he not step in to prevent the attacks? ... More ...
Protecting the poor
Over the summer a man named Daniel Peterson called in to the Church Office to explain ... More ...
Looking for love?
I was reminded recently of an advertisement that appeared a few years ago ... More ...

Wednesday Service

Wednesday 1130


A midweek service that is open to all, but which our older members find particularly suitable to their needs. It offers worship, teaching and friendship for those at home during the week. The service follows Common Worship (the new Anglican Liturgy), and alternates between Morning Prayer and Holy Communion.