Trevor & Kate's Blog 9th September

I have had a long and interesting response on Facebook to my question, “How do I avoid feeling middle-aged now my husband has hit 50?!”
Suggestions have included such extremes as belly-button piercing (too painful!) to simply embracing middle-age, comfy slippers and eccentric hobbies such as playing the zither.

I have concluded that it’s not worth fighting it, no Botox for me, but instead I need to have more celebrations in my life and I don’t just mean the chocolate variety. It has been FANTASTIC celebrating Trev’s 50th and in particular celebrating Trevor. We loved having so many of our church family celebrating his birthday last Saturday and an unforgettable highlight was watching Trevor and David sumo-wrestling in the ridiculously large sumo-suits. When I looked around, there were people dear to us aged from 9 weeks up to 90 years. The best celebrations are ageless!

I have been thinking lots about the truth that God celebrates over us. Isn’t that amazing? God celebrates over us just as parents celebrate over the arrival of a longed-for child. The Bible tells us that he rejoices over us with singing and that heaven throws a party when we come back to him.

This life is only a breath, a mist that blows away, but when we celebrate, we get a glimpse of heaven and the joy ahead so let’s keep celebrating each other and our wonderful loving God.