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Our Vision

vision 2020 picAt the start of each year we spend a Sunday reflecting on the vision we believe God has given us as a church, and how we plan to express this through what we do in the coming year and beyond. We spend the following Sunday thinking about how we give to God's work through prayer, service and, especially, our money.

Even though the pandemic still affects us moving into 2021, we should have great confidence that God is still living and active among us by his Spirit. As we begin to move away from pandemic restrictions in due course, our vision for this year is centred around what our church should look like in these new times. Focusing on Romans 12:2, God wants us to “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. We are looking, therefore, not to a return to ‘normal’, or even a ‘new’ normal, but a renewed normal under the direction of the Holy Spirit.

For more details on our vision for the coming year and how to contribute to that vision by giving in its various forms, please click the links below:

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