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Caring and Belonging

carandbelAt Holy Trinity we aim to be a community where everyone feels welcome and valued, and a place where people receive support and genuine care, especially when life is tough.  Here we explain some of the ways we hope will help you feel more a part of our church family, and highlight support you can find within and beyond our church.

Life Groups

We strongly encourage all adults to join one of our Life Groups. These meet regularly during the week, some in homes in Richmond and the surrounding area, and others at church. Most meet in the evening but some take place during the day. Every group is different, but common to all is learning through studying the Bible, worshipping God together, praying for each other and reaching out with God’s love to those around us. For church members they are a key place to find care, support and encouragement.

However, we realise not everyone will feel comfortable being part of a group like this. We also know that at difficult times it can be helpful to have extra support and encouragement. So alongside Life Groups we have a Pastoral Team, which offers particular help to people facing sudden crises, long term illness or the challenges of old age. You can contact them via our Church Office.


We believe prayer is fundamental to Christian life and growth, and that God answers prayer and speaks today. When we pray we believe He acts, and we see people and situations change. You can be involved in prayer in several ways:

Prayer Ministry - Someone will be available to pray with you at the end of our Sunday and Wednesday Services
Prayer Partners - We encourage everyone to meet regularly with one or two other people to pray
Prayer Chain - If you have an urgent prayer request, we can share this with other church members by text

Please contact our Church Office if you would like to link up with a prayer partner or join the Prayer Chain.

Groups and events

We run a variety of groups (such as craft and caring for the environment), courses and events for men, women, young people and children, as well as for all ages together. You can find out more about these elsewhere on our website, or by signing up to receive our Weekly Update. We believe one of the best ways you can feel a real sense of belonging and get to know more people in our church is through getting involved - by helping with or leading one of the many things we do. If you would like to do this, we'd love to hear from you!

Practical help

Many church members are available to help in practical ways in time of need, such as providing meals, running errands and carrying out DIY. If you feel you need these types of help, then please contact our Church Office.

Further help

We realise that there are times when people need help and support that we don't have the resources or skills to provide. So you can find details here of local and national organisations that offer a variety services.