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Jesus Loves me
Jesus Loves Me
Some believe that the German Swiss theologian Karl Barth was the most influential theologian of the last five centuries and had the highest “IQ’ of anyone who lived in the 20th Century – I’m not sure about that but he was certainly clever! More ...
Robert Lucas
Kindness: A Fruit of the Spirit
You may have heard that researchers from the University of Sussex are currently carrying out a huge public science project to increase understanding of the characteristics of kindness† More ...
Penny Cox
Jesus bent down
Jesus Bent Down
“But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger.” More ...
Penny Cox
08-09-2021 blog pic
Pappa Prayers
My son, Ruben, turns four in a couple of weeks. Lately he’s been doing this thing where he just says “Pappa!” (Afrikaans for ‘Daddy’) when he feels overwhelmed by the world. Like when I ask him to pick up his building blocks before dinner time… More ...
Nico Marais
A Dirty Old Bag
Blog summer break
Beyond Imagination (2)
Beyond Imagination (1)
The Goal of Freedom
The Limits of Freedom
An Empty Bookshelf
Food for Thought
All Things Bright and Beautiful
Listen to the fans!
The perfect doubles partner 
Purpose in the pain
Peace be still
God's Solution is Better!
Inner Peace
 The Battle Belongs to The Lord - Part 2
The Battle Belongs to The Lord - Part 1
Loving your neighbour take 2
Loving your neighbour as yourself
I press on! 
Look, I am doing a new thing!
Living water, maybe next time?
My pruning seems to have worked! 
Resurrected Hope and Power
Where is the Love?
Meditating on the word
Inwardly digest
When we go the wrong way
Kindness part 2
Kindness part 1
What must we do to do the work God requires?
Well our feeble frame he knows
People of Prayer
Pursuing Peace 
The King's Gambit
Heaven holds its breath
 Lay Down Selfish Ambition
For the Glory of God Alone
Forever feasting
What's your one thing?
I keep my eyes always on the Lord  
Be holy in all you do 
Plans and Purposes
Share a Joke
Laugh Out Loud 
Practice makes perfect
No singing aloud
Fruit That Will Last 
The Vine and the Branches 
A Sea of Uncertainty
Lost and Found 
And when the time was fully come
And it came to pass
Puzzles and promises
Prevailing through praise
Jesus, our living hope
Zealous for Christmas
Good government
Boots for burning
Light in the darkness
Mountain moments (2)
Mountain moments (1) 
Come thou long expected Jesus
O come, O come Emmanuel
God sees everything (part 2)
God sees everything (part 1)
Walking in good company
Walking in the mountains
Morning by morning
Trusting when it's hard
A great cloud of witnesses
Ask for the ancient paths
His peace
Be still
Home Improvements (Part 2)
Home Improvements (Part 1)
Cars and colds
 Injustice and the greatest love
Lost and found (Part 2) 
Lost and found (Part 1) 
Kayaking with Kallum
The harvest field
The blessing of encouragement
Journeys of discovery 
About Pearls (Part 2) 
About Pearls (Part 1) 
The Almighty
Build me up
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