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The Fear of the Unknown 

spiritual path

Every day we wake up we have a routine that we follow. For some this may be getting out of bed, making a cup of tea or coffee and praying. For others it may be to miss the five alarms you set, throw on some clothes, run out the house and grab a coffee on the way to work. Either way, we all have a routine that we follow. But what happens when God decides to disrupt it? When everything that became so familiar now becomes unfamiliar.
Since we are creatures of habit it’s only natural for us to stay where we feel comfortable, but if we continue like this, how can we grow? The fear of the unknown is something that we all will experience particularly as Christians. It’s a season in life that forces us to trust God even when we don’t know the outcome.
Earlier this week I had to do collective worship at Holy Trinity School and I was assigned the story of Zechariah and Elizabeth. When I did some studying on this story I began to realize that they were in a season of the unknown. They were trusting God for a child, but were also looking at their circumstances (old age and barrenness) and they wondering if this was ever going to happen. For so long they had a strong desire in their heart for a child and they were trusting God even in the “unknown”. Later on, in that story we come to find that Zechariah and his wife eventually get their promised child, and they are to name him John (John the Baptist). You can read more about this story in Luke 1:13.
Maybe you have a fear of the unknown and you are not quite sure how God is going to work in your life. Maybe you feel discouraged because you have trusted God, stuck to His routine and not seen the outcome you hoped for. Well I want to remind you that God works beyond our human comprehension, he disrupts our routine and puts us in to a season of the unknown not to harm us, but to cause us to trust Him more. I am firm believer that it is in these season’s that we produce the greatest fruit, and if it be God’s will and time you get blessing you were hoping for, just like Zechariah and Elizabeth did. So be encouraged today and understand that even in the unknown, your heavenly father is there with you every step of the way, guiding you and cheering you on!
Prayer: Lord, thank you that you love us and that your word states that you have good plans and thoughts towards us. Help us to trust you when we are facing the fear of the unknown. I pray that those who encounter this be a living embodiment of your glory and will receive the blessings you have for them in the right time. In Jesus name, Amen.

Chloe Rotter, 22/11/2021