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Sunday Worship at Home 

We have introduced ‘Worship at Home’ as a church. Each week, we will provide an Order of Service which includes prayers, a reading, and a reflection. This is something you can join in with individually or as a family depending on who is around you.

For those who have the capability, we are also livestreaming a feed of the Service which will be available on YouTube. The video will go live at 10am each Sunday, and will be available to access from that time on if your current schedule doesn't allow you to join in at our usual time. We will also include a new link to a ‘recommended playlist’ of worship songs each week which you can listen to, and even join in with, in your homes. The details of our next Service is below, click the video link in the picture to access the livestream.

Sunday 5 April: Palm Sunday


Service Sheet

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Children's Activity Sheet

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Luke 19:28-40


Sue Jackson


Pray for wisdom and protection for the LVA staff as they navigate a new way of working and make their PSHE lessons available to schools and students in the coming months
Pray for Riverbank as they provide supplies for vulnerable families through the food and hygiene banks and for finances at a difficult time
Pray for Kick as their coaches act as key workers delivering education for the children of other key workers, and for financial sustainability in the current climate

Worship Playlist

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Previous Worship at Home

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