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Youth and Children 

Here you will find all the up to date information about what is happening with youth and children at HTR while the church is closed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Find out some helpful tips to help with school closure

Worship at home

Young People

  • Youthscape have created a liveblog around the coronavirus which includes resources for youth groups
  • NSPCC livestreaming and online video guidance

Other resources


is a time to:-
L-isten to God's voice and reflect. 
O-bey His word and His teachings.
C-all on Jesus name and be calmed.
K-now what is the purpose of all this.
D-well in His presence. Do not panic.
O-ffer a prayer for everyone's safety.
W-ait and be patient. This too shall passover.
N-uture our personal relationship with Him.